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20th Class Reunion$ 50.00
When:07/29/2017 6:00 PM
Where:Rochester Mills, 400 Water St 48307
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Guest Purchased Tickets
Mike Baker
Timothy Ballor
Grace-Anne Seip-Ballor
Zena Hawkins (Turner)
Bob Doil
Jennie Skladanowski (Doil)
Katie Lukas (Blackmore)
Ron Blackmore
Connie D'Urso (D'Urso-Watkins)
Jamie Buckner (Dattolo)
Erin Dzeroogian
John Dzeroogian
Kevin Kennedy
Paulie Lozito
Erin Barnhart (Payton)
Daniel Propson
Julie Kniga (Belanger)
Natalie Wenner (Diaz)
Jeanette Harris
Jeff Harrison
Amanda Sexton (Irvin)
Tim Irvin
Julie McLean (Jarvis)
Ashley Lagrou
Richard Lagrou
Brent Ringold
Laurie Schweickert (Ringold)
Rene Gallant (Evans)
Jeff Tessmer
Laura DeVore (Tessmer)
Brad Pluszczynski
Melissa Elberson (Pluszczynski)
Tim Betzler
Adam Zielinski
Stephanie Caponi (Zielinski)
Lisa Cleary
Michael Cleary
Amanda Zawaideh (Berishaj)
Marko Berishaj
Christon Manzella
Marissa Warrilow (Manzella)
Brian Gibson
Cara Cruz (Gibson)
Genevieve Young (Sandner)
Kyle Sandner
Lorri Marek (Marek-Kagan)
Rick Austin
Total 47